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Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile

Finding The Right Tile For You:
How do you ensure you get the right tile to complete your room?  As with anything that seems complex or a little overwhelming, it's all about breaking the decisions into small manageable pieces.

Defining The Project

Which rooms in your home need tile - the entry, family room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?  Tile has some definite advantages over other flooring options.  Tile has been around for centuries for good reasons; it's durable, easy-to-clean and hygienic.  These reasons alone make tile a favorite for kitchens, bathrooms or any room in your home.  Tile is also affordable, versatile and heat-resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for fireplaces and kitchen countertops.  Mohawk has a wide assortment of styles - sure to suit any personality and complement any rooms decor.

The Perfect Color
Where do you start?  Do you pick your favorite color or match the color of the previous floor?  To begin, consider your room and the largest areas of color already in your home - walls, furniture and cabinetry.  Matching your floor and wall color can be a wise choice if you have other dramatic contrasting features in a room such as a brightly-colored sofa or dark stained cabinets.  But in most instances contrasting your floors and walls (one light and the other dark) will create the most visual impact.  For a more subtle look, keep the two colors in the same family; for instance, a light beige wall and a rich brown floor tile.

The Impact of Shade Variation
The overall appearance of your installation can differ based on the amount of shade variation in the product you select.  Shade variation is the amount of color and tonal change within each tile and between multiple tiles.  There are four shade variation classifications: Low, Moderate, High and Random.  A certain degree of shade variation is inherent in all fired products.  While samples provide assistance in choosing your product, final selection should be made and confirmed from actual tiles and trim prior to installation.  For optimal results, prior to installation lay out high and random shading tile in an open area.  These products should be "blended" for multiple cartons and rearranged until they are visually appealing.