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Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift

  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • An offset swivel seat makes entry and exit at the top landing safer and easier than ever
  • Direct drive motor/gear box – no belts for reduced maintenance
  • Digital diagnostic display
  • Generous seat size – adjustable width arm rests, multiple seat heights, flip-up seat and arm rests
  • Seven different upholstery selections
  • A Power Swivel Seat at the top landing for confident, effortless exit
  • A Power Folding Footrest – automatically flips up when the seat is raised, and down when seat is lowered
  • Mid Park and Charge station for staircases that have a landing between the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Larger Footrest (length & width)
  • Larger Seat with additional seat depth
  • Rail Option (see below)
Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift
RAIL OPTION: The CRE-2110 can be equipped with an optional top or bottom
park to facilitate an exit and remove the unit from the stairs.